5 Reasons Why You Should Wake Up Earlier

Posted on June 13, 2017, 3:39 am

There is nothing more irritating than getting a late start to your day. It seems as if waking up in a frenzy attempting to get back the lost time by rushing to get prepared does nothing for your day but set it in motion to be a bad day. Well, there is a way to alleviate the pain of waking up late, and if done consistently, you’ll set yourself up to get a healthy working start to your day. You’ll be less stressed, more productive, more focused and overall, prepared for whatever comes your way.


To some, waking up early seems more like a nuisance than a must. But for those who desire to maximize each day, waking up early is simply what has to be done. Research has shown that the most productive (and the wealthiest) people start their days when most of the world is sleeping. Truth be told, we all get the same amount of time a day but what sets the best apart from the rest is productivity. Adding an extra hour at the start of your day is an opportunity to create a better flow to the rest of your day. So, here are five reasons why you need to get in the practice of starting your day early.


  1. You can take the time to develop yourself.

When the rest of your world is quiet (or sleeping), this is the perfect time to work on your mental and spiritual health. Take a few moments to read something inspiring and uplifting. Get a journal and write down things you are grateful for or things that come to mind. Say a prayer to center your day and meditate on the positive things you expect to occur on your behalf. There is no better investment of your time than to put it towards yourself. You can’t pour any life into others if you are empty.

  1. You can review your to-do list.

Something great happens when you have a plan in place and can follow that plan. Before you go into any day, you should have a running list of what’s to occur. Doctor appointments, meetings, dance classes, date nights, and family outings all have to be scheduled. You don’t want to double book your time or end of missing an important appointment because you forgot to check your schedule at the start of your day. Over time, those connected to you (and your wallet) will thank you for it.

  1. You’ll be lead to go to sleep earlier.

Nothing forces you to get some shut-eye than knowing you have to get up earlier. Rest (not sleep) is a critical factor to your productivity and overall health and well-being. “Grinding” and being a part of “team no sleep” is a no-go! Be kind to your body and allow it the time to wind down and recuperate. A well-rested mind is needed to do greatness on a regular basis.

  1. You can take your time to get moving.

Once you’re up, you can relax! You won’t have to scatter around your room looking for the perfect outfit because you’ll have time to find it. You won’t have to skip breakfast because you’ll have time to eat before you leave your home. You don’t have to worry about traffic holding you up because you have extra time to commute. It’s the simple things that manifest as wins when you do them.

  1. You’ll realize that 24 hours is more than enough time.

This one is the most important. Since the beginning of time, twenty-four hours in a day is all that’s ever been given. Why is it that people feel as if they need more hours? If you are intentional about every waking (and resting) moment you have and you do not allow every distraction to snatch your hours of productivity, you’ll realize that time is and has always been on your side. Any and everything you need to do can be done. And every day you are blessed to wake up, is another day to make it happen.


It may seem like too much to say start waking up at 5 am every day. So, start small. Set your alarm for thirty minutes earlier than usual. Don’t lean on the snooze button. Pay attention to how much better your days are due to making this one adjustment with intention. And as you get better at maximizing your time, you’ll set a new expectation for yourself in getting a jump start to your day.