Adria D. Hookes is The Business Bae: Business Inspiration At Its Best

Posted on September 01, 2018, 12:59 am

Adria D. Hookes, is a global powerhouse and highly sought-after Business Coach & Social Media Strategist. Her gift to inspire myriads of women to break out of the box, to pursue their purpose, and to fulfill their greatest entrepreneurial potential, has positioned as one who is dubbed the Business Bae™—a marketplace influence, certainly a leader among women.

Recognized for her business leadership and success, Adria was the recipient of the 2015 Global Award Winner of the SheRo Award, the 2016 Unstoppable Woman “Female Entrepreneur of the Year” Award Nominee, 2017 Woman Who Soar Award Honoree and 2018 Exceptional Women Award.

Besides her role as a business consultant and program developer, she has been actively engaged in the community. She was 1st Vice Chair of the National Congress of Black Women, Metro Atlanta Chapter. As well, she was involved in establishing the fastest growing chapter in the history of the National Congress of Black Women (NCBW), forging relationships with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Rock the Vote, and the National Kidney Foundation.

With a vast background in business and technology, Adria has taken her skill sets to develop a personal niche that allows her to help organize, educate, and empower individuals in their respective fields. She maintains an expansive portfolio of businesses, including Founder and CEO of the Powerful Women in Business Association, LLC (PWIB™), The Business Bae™ Services, Powerful Men In Business™ and Powerful Men In Style™.

More than anything, Adria wants to ‘give back.’ While some view giving back as an option often not chosen, for Adria, this is a part of her life purpose. Her passion to serve others, her resilience from a harsh and troubled past, and her faith are evident in her work as a Business and Social Media Brand Strategist for female entrepreneurs. Her dedication to helping women relates to a desire for sharing her personal experiences of failure and hard knocks toward creating paths that will ultimately save countless young women from pitfalls in their business, as well as their social and personal lives.

EMPOWER: Why are you the Business Bae?

ADRIA: I am the Business Bae because I am dedicated to having committed coaching relationships with my clients. My coaching relationships are not short term – they are long term. Just like you have a long term relationship with your boyfriend, husband or your bae. I am your business bae, boo, bestie, accountability partner. My job is to help you stay and fall in love with your business.

EMPOWER: When do you feel like your true self?

ADRIA: I am my true self when I am by myself. Where there’s no phone, no tv, no internet, no one around me just pure quietness. It’s just me sitting being silent and still. Most of the time I am hustling, and bustling working really hard every single day trying to balance life as a wife and a mother, I never get the opportunity to sit still. But when I do sit still, that’s when I am able to tap into my true self. When I get into meditation, I get into me, listening to myself and thoughts and in that I am analyzing my visions I see for myself.

EMPOWER: Why did you choose Business and Tech?

ADRIA: I’ve been a techie since I was 10 years old. I have been building websites. I’ve always loved computers, taking them apart, fixing them so tech has always been apart of my life.

Technology will always be around just like the healthcare field and it’s also important for women and young girls to invest in more into technology as well. Such as Computer science, coding, cyber security, the percentage is low for us in this industry especially for African American women so it’s ground breaking for me.

For business I come from a family of entrepreneurs so I already have that entrepreneurial spirit and I just love business. I never wanted to work for anyone else. I’ve always wanted to work for myself so I believe business is mandatory for life survival.

EMPOWER: What new ventures are you working on?

ADRIA: I am currently working on outlining my co-working space for all women here in Atlanta. I hope to get that up and going by the end of 2019. My new podcast called The Power of New Mindset Collective Launching August 6th.

I have a new group coaching program called “The Power of New Mindset Collective Group Coaching”, where it helps women get all of the resources, tools, and coaching they need to live successful entrepreneurial lives. Along with that I am finishing my manuscript for my book so I am excited about getting that done. Those are my main focuses right now.

“My superpower is being a visionary. I have always been a visionary. I visualize a lot of things for my clients and for myself. My visions are so clear that I am able to create solid goals and steps to make sure the vision I see will manifest. A lot of the businesses and opportunities and things that I created for myself are all because I seen myself do it before it actually happened.” 

EMPOWER: Your favorite inspirational movie and why?

ADRIA: Not a movie but a series called Girl Boss I love that series on Netflix when they had the first series. The reason why it was so inspirational is because I really got an opportunity to see Sofia start from nothing being this rebel having a hard time finding a job. She then comes up with an idea and starts one step at a time and watch it work and keep going and then millions of dollars and buyers!

So that story was so inspirational because it was similar to where I was at, my personality, and starting from nothing and coming up with an idea, pushing forward, never giving up and fighting through it. I love the series of Girl Boss.

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