Black Women Talk Tech Trio Are Doing More Than Talking 

Posted on February 15, 2018, 11:30 pm

Black Women Talk Tech Trio Are Doing More Than Talking 

Black Women Talk Tech 2018 Conference 

February 28- March 1, 2018 


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Black Women Talk Tech is holding its second annual conference in New York City at the Microsoft in Times Square. The conference is titled “Road-map to Billions” and is focused on “tearing down roadblocks and promoting #blackgirlmagic in the tech industry,” quotes Co-Founder Regina Gwynn. The panel discussions will focus on how to prep for the next phase, finding the balance between tech and business, creating effective working relationships, and balancing market and financial concerns.

After continuously appearing at the same tech events, three women decided it was time to have a conversation about how they could collectively make a difference in the tech world. A collaboration of passion, purpose and professional skill birthed the now two-day conference, being held and sponsored by Microsoft. In an male dominated industry, there is a growing group of women who are just looking for their break. And this founding trio of empowering black women are making sure they get it! Esosa Igohdaro (co-founder of CoSign), Lauren Washington (co-founder of KeepUp), and Regina Gwynn (co-founder of TresseNoire Beauty) are young black women of today who are pioneering advancement in the tech industry. Focusing on black women founders, Black Women Talk Tech is creating a paradigm shift in the tech space.


Black women are the most educated and entrepreneurial group in the U.S., yet they receive less than 1% of Venture Capital funding, quotes Esosa Ighodaro. Yet women comprise only 16% of tech founders According to a study by First Round Capital, founding teams including a woman outperform their all-male peers by 63%, but female CEOs get only 2.7% of all venture funding, while women of color get virtually none: 0.2%. Despite these institutional disadvantages, black women are making history in tech. 

It takes those in touch with the community to spot talent, novel ideas, and the ability to scale and profit from those diverse perspectives. Last year’s conference had quite the success with over 300 requests for invites, 30 talented black women entrepreneurs in attendance, 30 investors and supporters, and amazing speakers. The response was overwhelming states, Esosa as she shares her excitement along with Co-Founder Lauren Washington.

“We started Black Women Talk Tech because we saw how hard black women are working to create billion-dollar businesses, but are still struggling to be seen, supported, and funded. Black women are the most educated, fastest growing demographic of entrepreneurs. Together with support of those involved, we can turn that ‘black girl magic’ into the next tech unicorn,” states Regina Gwynn.

Technology has the ability to change lives, not just for the founders but the consumers, creating access and opportunities to worlds and resources never seen before. With Regina carrying her entrepreneurial superpowers, Esosa’s pursuit to make a purposeful impact and Lauren’s classy tech torch they found themselves on a aggressive mission to empower black women founders by creating a platform to enhance their success as tech entrepreneurs.

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Top to Bottom: Regina Gwynn Photo Credit:Lauren Layne, Just2lls photography,  Esosa Ighodaro Photo Credit: CoSign, Lauren Washington; Photo Credit: KeepUp