I Am Empower

“As we journey through life we all have untold stories that we rather not share, but those deep dark secrets that are haunting us are the very ones that cause the most damage. I know from my experience, I had the audacity to carry it for twenty-three years. Why would a living soul carry garbage for so long? I can answer that question easily because I drug myself through that garbage. Though I would try to find ways to cleanse myself from the stench; deep down inside I had an addiction for misery that was from my past. It was almost as if suffering was the drug; my past was the dealer and the way I would find the dealer was through my thoughts and quenching thirst for pain. I was consumed and lived in darkness until I picked up a pen and notebook. The chain had been broken and I no longer had to struggle to express my experiences, thoughts and feelings verbally. I was finally free without any boundaries to put every untold story all on paper.”


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