Cali Girl Makes A Big Splash Down South In The Hair Business

Posted on December 13, 2017, 4:59 am

Cali Girl Makes A Big Splash Down South In The Hair Business

By Kiel Harmon, Empower Magazine | December 13, 2017 7:40pm CT


Trashauna Spencer


Trashauna Spencer of Bella B Hair took a faithful turn towards the oversaturated hair business and found major success.

Choosing FAITH OVER FEAR, Trashauna Spencer decided to also embark on her passion to become a hairstylist, while simultaneously, studying to receive her Bachelors of Criminology, and the rest would become history.

Spencer is a not only a very successful hair stylist, but also an entrepreneur and business owner of a booming synthetic hair product line, Bella B. 

“I started to do hair, while I was attending college.  Everyone knew me as, ‘the girl who did hair.’  I worked at a barbershop, during my entire time at ASU, and I just knew, that was not going to work for me.  Even though school just was not my focus, I still got my degree.  Because my mom made me get it, because she wasn’t having that (laughingly).  She thought it was just a hobby.  However, I saw the amount of money I could make.”

Spencer studied under another hairstylist to learn everything she needed to know to get her cosmetology license.  Soon thereafter, she began to build a national clientele, other major cities across the country.

After graduating college, she began to forge a career for herself in the hair and beauty industry.

“Instagram helped me tremendously.  People on there were giving me a lot of positive feedback, even though I didn’t think I was that great at first.  It was like a lack of confidence thing in myself.”

Spencer became a fulltime entrepreneur, earning six-figures under the age of 30 and she hasn’t looked back.

“Honestly, I would just mimic things I learned from my friends from Atlanta, and other cities, like California and other major places, which made me just stand out locally, in Alabama.

Bella B would be born in 2013.  In 2014, Spencer made over $100,000.00 in revenue from Bella B and the styling, which she does at the Seaborn Salon & Spa in Montgomery.  She would go on to make over $90,000 in hair sales alone, in 2014. 

The journey has not been as easy as some may suspect for a young black female business owner, under the age of 30.

“It’s so hard.  I think I can sometimes get complacent and lazy, but I do everything by myself.  I check my own inventory.  I don’t have an assistant in the salon, and I do everything for each of my salon clients, so I can build the relationships with them.  I usually become their confidant.  I am very customer service oriented.  I don’t have a life,” she quips, “but I love what I do.  And I do fun little stuff, like the promo videos and my Black Friday Sales, and so on.”

She’s also a philanthropist within her community, providing her hair service to clients who are less fortunate.

“Since 2014 I do a back to school drive, at various schools.  I donate school supplies in middle & high schools, as well as, elementary.  I love to do makeovers for less fortunate women.  It’s something I am very very passionate about.  I also do a brunch every year for my clients and I pay for everything.  And I’ve doing prom giveaways, since 2015.”

Trashauna’s success should come as no surprise, due to her poise, professionalism, and personality.  Get to know her and her booming business at the following:

Instagram @HairByBellaB


    – “Opportunities are created, not given.”