Posted on November 15, 2018, 11:39 pm

Christopher “Brandmaker” Thomas
By: Autumnn Douglas

Christopher “BrandMaker” Thomas is a self described entrepreneur, philanthropist, and family man. His commitment to cultivating an “entrepreneurial spirit” started early in life, growing up as a third generation business owner. Like most successful people he started small, mowing lawns and cutting hair from the age of 14, but it was during this time that he developed the invaluable skills that would lead to a very promising career. These days Thomas is the CEO and founder of inMMGroup Marketing Agency and publisher of iinCity Magazine. Along with his thriving business ventures Thomas is committed to creating change in his community, and is a staunch advocate for anti-bullying efforts. The renaissance entrepreneur agreed to talk with us a little about setting goals, balancing work and family life, and what it truly means to be a “solo-preneur”

Empower: How would you define the “entrepreneur mentality”?

Christopher Thomas: An entrepreneur mentality can vary from person to person. But two very important things that should be a part of every entrepreneur’s mindset is 1-How to be more valuable to the industry or customer with more Vision, Resourcefulness, Adaptable and 2-What problem do I have a solution for. For most people, problems equal stress, fatigue and nervousness, whereas entrepreneurs are excited about the opportunity to problem solve.

Empower: How did your upbringing contribute to your entrepreneurial spirit?

Christopher Thomas: What I do appreciate appreciate about my upbringing, is that I was surrounded by entrepreneurs, hard working – give it all you got people and instilled in me to have good character. As far as I know, I am a third generation entrepreneur. I saw first hand the good and not so good. We did have much growing up, so I had to figure out how do get many of the things I wanted. That’s where I had to learn how to solve a problem. I got good at it. To date, I have many of my associates call me the ‘Problem Solver’.

Empower: How has bullying impacted you in your own life?

Christopher Thomas: Bullying had a major impact into my life. Thankfully, I was able to turn my ‘Mess into My Message’. I didn’t love or trust myself. Didn’t have much self esteem. At one point, I was accepting those thoughts into my life and it was affecting me in almost all of my life: personal, professionally and spiritually.

It wasn’t until I was ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired’ did I pray, identify and got to the root of the challenges. Then I was able to change my mindset, thoughts, attitude and learn to forgive. That’s when things started to shift.

Empower: What accomplishment in your career as a marketing professional are you most proud of?

Christopher Thomas: In my professional marketing career, I have the privilege to create relationships with people of influence and resources. To use those relationships to help others if what I am most proud of.

Empower: How do you balance being a family man with your busy schedule as a professional?

Christopher Thomas: Balancing my family life and businesses is an area that takes consistent work. What has proven success for me is staying mindful of my wife and children. I have even found myself making excesses that, ‘It’s my responsibility to provide for my family’ … Yes it is … but PROVIDING is more than financially. Allowing some flexibility in my schedule has also proven to be helpful. If that means getting up earlier or staying up later, starting earlier on a project (early in the day, week, month or year) to insure that I can spend that time with my family.

Empower: What inspired you to create an entrepreneurial coaching and lifestyle program?

Christopher Thomas: There are many entrepreneurs who are doing everything Solo. I call that the ‘solo-preneur’. We find ourselves doing a little of everything in the business. Spinning our wheels without accomplishing much or making progress. Most times this will affect our mindset. Other times, it’s our mindset that is holding us back. This coaching and lifestyle program helps.

Empower: What are some of your top tips for solo entrepreneurs?

Christopher Thomas: There is ONLY one Tip: “For LIFE to work, we have to be doing the RIGHT thing.” This one thing works with EVERY facet in Life: Personal, Professional, Social, Health, Wealth and Spiritual.

Empower: How important is goal setting when it comes to starting a business?

Christopher Thomas: Setting goals when starting a business is very important. It helps give direction and provide great service. Goal setting is the process of deciding what we want to accomplish and devising a plan to achieve the result we desire.

Empower: And finally, what are some of your goals for 2019?

Christopher Thomas: My goals for 2019 is to give ALL I Got, In EVERYTHING I Do!

For more on Christopher Thomas you can follow him @itsCThomas on Instagram and Twitter.