Colin Kaepernick-GQ Magazine’s Citizen of the Year

Posted on November 14, 2017, 12:43 am

GQ Magazine-Citizen of the Year

Colin Kaepernick graces the cover of GQ Magazine, a men’s magazine based in NYC focused on the best fashion, style, and culture for men doing amazing things. This monthly issue covers the GQ’s-Men of the Year, “The New American Heroes.” They selected Kaepernick not only for the front cover but penned him, “The Citizen of the Year.” Kaepernick states, that he is “Honored to be the Man of the Year,” especially with the support of many high profile celebs, such as Mr. Harry Belafonte for being a part of this moment. Colin Kaepernick truly deserves this honor and praise after being villainized in the NFL, which resulted in the halt of his football career. However, Kaepernick refused to be silenced by standing on the frontlines of the many injustices that plague America, while generously giving back to our youth, and utilizing his platform to bring awareness to the world. Kaepernick deserves to be applauded for everything he has endured, truly making a difference in our culture, our world, and changing our history.