Customer Service is Critical to Your Business Success

Posted on June 16, 2017, 6:44 am

When it comes to doing business the right way, nothing builds customer loyalty like offering great customer service. Quality is key, but service is everything. Providing service to those who choose to trust you enough to spend their hard earned money with you, place yourself in their shoes. It has been found that people do business with those they know, like and trust. In order for your business to grow or sustain itself, the service you provide must show others that you are in it to win it.

More often than not, you will find that in business, the way consumers are made to feel strongly outweighs what they purchase. The real value of a product or service comes from its benefits, and those benefits include the overall experience one receives. Consider places like Chick-Fil-A. Along with great food, customers rave about their service. They are always quick, make little mistakes, and the crew workers serve their customers with great pleasure! Now, this may not seem huge to most, but to those who consume Chick-Fil-A on a regular basis, going anywhere else for a quick and enjoyable eating experience often lacks the “wow” factor that they are guaranteed to receive at Chick-Fil-A.

Small business owners need to take note of this. What is it about your business that would make someone come to you and wait for personalized service or products instead of going to a big brand and picking up the needed product off of a shelf?

Your service. That is what makes the difference.

People will pay more and take their time to receive extra attention and stellar service. It is possible to create a niche specific market of customers and consumers for your business based on the service you gave them. Word of mouth travels fast, especially when your standard is to over deliver. If your customers aren’t leaving great reviews on your Facebook page or referring others to you, ask them to do so! Or better yet, ask them for suggestions on how you can improve to spark them to become your brand ambassadors. It never hurts to ask.

People will easily be able to tell what your motives are in business; either you exist to serve or to make a quick dollar. Wouldn’t it be great to serve and get paid? Put your customer service skills to the test and be willing and ready to please your customers. Your business success depends on it.




Maleeka Taliha Hollaway, a native of Atlanta, GA, is the founder and CEO of The OfficialMaleeka Group, LLC, a boutique firm specializing in business lifestyle coaching & consulting, writing services and public relations. Maleeka is an Internationally Certified Life Success Coach, a candid public speaker, business & branding strategist (Internationally Certified Business Success Coach) and 2x Best-Selling author (co-Authoring “20 Beautiful Women: Volume 2” & "Release: Untold Stories About Inner Strength, Resilience, & Overcoming Challenges"). She is devoted to mentoring and coaching people of all ages and genders in discovering how to live the life they desire, as she is blossoming into one of the most inspirational and influential millennial voices of this generation. Maleeka holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in English from Alabama A & M University and a Master’s of Science in Communications Specialist. She currently is pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration with a concentration in Leadership from Capella University. Connect with Maleeka on & @OfficialMaleeka on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.