You Don’t Need Permission to be Great!

Posted on July 11, 2017, 1:22 pm

A video was shared with me by a colleague a few weeks ago, and a particular quote stood out from it. The woman speaking said, “The problem with judgmental people is that they know what ‘great’ looks like…they just think someone else should be it!” This blew my mind. So many times we expect the world of others and little of ourselves, and then we wonder why things we desire to happen never come to be.

This is the deal. I truly believe that everything you need to be “great,” you already have. Seeking the validation from your loved ones, best friends, romantic interests, or even from social media followers is not the move. Not tapping into your authenticity and potential leaves room more your mind and soul to be tainted and tossed by people. And that is not what you need on this journey called life.

In the age of social media, the need to compare is real. If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself comparing your career, car, income, clothes, church and even your smile to the next person’s smile. No one wants others to know the truth behind their flashy posts or perfectly-lit summer selfies. People don’t want others to know that if their post doesn’t get enough likes, it makes them feel inadequate, unliked, and unloved. People post their highlight reel which shows the best while they live their behind-the-scenes, their reality. Social media success seems to be the holy grail of self-esteem and the only opinion that matters.

It is okay to admit the areas of your life that do not meet your standards. But in your admittance, it’s important to recognize the power you have. When you identify your areas of improvement, you can craft a master plan to get better and to do better. Constant work on self is one of the most important investments you could ever make into your future. The greatness that your destiny demands requires you to be in tune with your inner self and to do everything in your power to stay connected to your inner greatness.

Yes, it’s true. Falling in love with every part of you takes time, it’s a process. But nothing beats a person who is interested in and in love with themselves. When you are your own number one fan, the applause and appeasement of others are irrelevant. People will flock to you or steer clear from you based on how you perceive yourself and how you use that perception to influence others. People will treat you only how you allow them to. When you believe in you, others will too.

So, pick your chin up. Stick your chest out and live your life the way you desire it to be. You don’t need someone to tell you how great you are. Wake up every day knowing that greatness is inside of you and that greatness is you. Be great and live on purpose and in purpose.


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