Black Girl Magic-The First African Women’s Winter Olympic Bobsledding Team

Posted on November 22, 2017, 7:31 pm

These Nigerian queens are the perfect blend of black girl magic and “Cool Runnings” the movie inspired by a true story about the very first Jamaican winter Olympic bobsledding team. The Nigerian bobsledding girls trio is Africa’s first winter Olympics athletes in the sport. The trio is Seun Adigun- age 30 born in Chicago, Illinois, Ngozi Onwumere- age 25 born in Nigeria, Africa, Akuoma Omeoga- age 25 born in Irondale, Minnesota.

Adigun began bobsledding in 2015 as a brakesman, after being a track and field runner since her youth. According to Adigun, she had never heard of winter Olympic bobsledding besides the movie “Cool Runnings,” however she did not let that deter her from joining her other two teammates Onwumere and Omeoga in the 2016 winter Olympic bobsledding competition with Adigun as the driver for their team. According, to the women their former track and field athleticism and skills, helped them in bobsledding.

In 2016, the trio began crowdsourcing to raise money for their Olympic journey as in “Cool Runnings” and was fortunate enough to be given a helping hand when Visa stepped in to fund their journey. Visa, Chris Curtin chief brand and innovation marketing officer states, the “Nigerian Women’s Bobsled Team, we knew we had to add them to Team Visa. As former track stars, they are redefining history for their country, and we wanted to support them on this journey by providing them with a platform to inspire others and share their story,”

The trio has been making headlines and going viral in the recent weeks of their historic journey. These women have never imagined themselves as an Olympic bobsled team according to