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Posted on February 27, 2017, 4:54 pm

Freelance Writers:

Take a look at our mission statement, and read our articles. If you’re intrigued and have a knack for–and experience with–writing, we welcome discussion of potentially bringing you on board as part of the Empower editorial team.

Our Subjects:
-Empowerment & Philanthropy
-Business & Tech, Health & Well-Living
-Fashion, Lifestyle, Culture,
-Have an interesting story to tell

-Believe in the project outlined above
-Versatile writer trained in writing for the Web
-Can capture the personal element of subjects’ stories in a clear, succinct piece

The Articles:
-Approximately 600 to 1200 words each
-Interviews conducted over the phone or in person
If you are interested, let’s talk. But first, we ask that you please show us your stuff by contacting us and submitting a writing sample (preferably a profile piece).

Empower is looking for contributing talent (photographers, stylists, illustrators, artists, videographers, and more) with a distinct visual language, creative approach, and curiosity for all things new. To apply, and for more information, send a brief, informal cover letter and a portfolio of work to

Please note that we do not accept any submissions. All published content is approved by the Empower editorial team.

Contributing Writer

Are you also passionate about writing your thoughts in a succinct but meaningful way? Empower is looking for contributors with strong writing skills, creativity, and a passion for all things new. To apply, and for more information, send a brief, informal cover letter to


Empower is offering an internship for our editorial and design departments. Candidates must be self-motivated, able to multitask, comfortable in a fast-paced environment, responsible, organized, and professional. You should have a background and interest in Fashion or Art, and experience with typography, print or web production. Facility with Creative Suite is required.

Successful candidates will assist with day-to-day operations for Empower and our creative agency OneTwoThree Media. Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to: image research and archiving, preparing boards for presentations, preparing designs for web development, cleaning up layouts, and general design assistance.

Candidates should be available for at least twenty hours a week. Please send your cover letter and resume, along with a portfolio of design work, in PDF format to