Just Keep Pushing

Posted on July 16, 2017, 3:29 am

As believers in 2017, it is easy for us to get enamored by the things the world has to offer us. For those not on the “right” path, it seems as is life is a breeze for them. We see them having fun, traveling the world and even making crazy money. Then there’s us: doing all the right things, according to the Word, but getting all the wrong results. It’s as if God has us on a slow-track to success.

Guess what? Just because it seems like God may have forgotten about you, doesn’t mean He has. Sometimes God has to test the character of our faith so He can know that when we tell Him that we trust Him, we mean it. I’m sure there have been plenty of moments where you’ve promised that “if” God did this, “then” you would do that. Did you hold up your part of the deal? Did you do what you told God you would do?

It’s time out for us trying to bargain with God. He blesses us because he loves us, not because we bribe him. God cares more about where he needs you to be not where you are right now. You don’t have to persuade Him, but you do have to be honest with Him. If you’re frustrated, tell Him. If you’re agitated, tell Him. And if you’re ready to fully commit yourself to Him, His will and His way, tell Him! And be ready to show Him by acting on it.

It is no coincidence that things keep coming your way to distract you. It’s not a mistake that life right now feels as if it’s a never ending cycle of hold ups and disappointments. Consider your present struggle as God’s way of molding you into the powerful woman He created you to be. There is a lesson in it all, and a blessing on the other side of the journey. You can’t get to your next until you make it through your now. Embrace where you are right now and start preparing for where God is about to take you next.

Your position in life is to play your role as God play’s His. You are a part of His master plan, and you must trust that His plan is for your good and His glory. If you feel as if you are going through hell, don’t stop. Go through it, don’t stay and stew in it. The journey you are on right now is a precursor to the destination in store for you…if you keep pushing through. You were created out of the strongest material God has, the Holy Spirit. No matter how or what you feel right now, you are destined to win. Just keep pushing!

Romans 8:18 NLT
“Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later.”