Meet the Publisher

Posted on February 27, 2017, 7:08 pm

Stephanie Davis, publisher and founder of Empower, Inc. Magazine and Empower, Inc. Media has always enjoyed journalism as a hobby. What used to be a hobby is now a career. As Stephanie is the author of four books, “Behind the Wall of Grace”, “Shatter Mirrors”, “Rivalry”, and “No Pressure, No Diamond”. She currently is working on her fifth book titled “Knowing When to Fold”.
Her Inspiration behind the creation of Empower, Inc. is that she wanted to create a positive platform with empowering content for its readers. A platform that highlights philanthropic efforts not just locally however on a global scale. Realizing that we need empowering every day in the world that we live in.
Meet the Publisher…
A product of Old Dominion University, Stephanie pursued her Finance degree with a minor in Marketing, She has launched her own non-profit initiative, “The Somi Project” and has been featured in Pursuing Purpose Magazine and Christian Literary Magazine. Stephanie continues as Editor of LaughMag and continues to be a contributing writer as well. Stephanie is focused on philanthropy and has created an annual event known as “EMPOWER365″, an annual empowerment expo that allows for individuals to come together and enjoy empowerment sessions from business professionals, community partners, celebrities and brand ambassadors.

“These are things we set out to achieve in life. Whether it is at work, in our relationships, with our health, in our fitness regime or with our friends, we do our best to achieve peak results. We want to be our best and live our best life.”
Like you, we thrive in making a global footprint in the world. We’re a passionate advocates for excellence. We love being the best we can be and being the best at what we do. You know the feeling of satisfaction when you achieve something you set out to accomplish? We feel that as well. It reminds us that as long as we set out to achieve something, we will achieve it!”