Mr. Real Estate Helps The Hood Turn Itself Around, One Block At A Time. 

Posted on December 14, 2017, 9:34 pm

Mr. Real Estate Helps The Hood Turn Itself Around, One Block At A Time


Former drug hustler Jay Morrison transfers himself from career criminal to real estate mogul and a true hood hero. 

By Kiel Harmon – EmpoWEr Magazine   |   Decemebr 14, 2017 – 2:40PM




Jay Morrison spends his days making multi-million-dollar deals and coming up with ideas on how to not only give back to his community, but giving them the tools of building generational wealth and avoiding the pitfalls he fortunately survived. 

If his name sounds familiar, it is probably because you may have heard of or seen him almost any and everywhere.  For instance, Morrison is a regularly featured real estate expert on NBC’s “Today Show” and as a guest celebrity broker on NBC’s Hit TV show, “Open House NYC.”  A former crack cocaine dealer, turned mogul, may sound like the latest Hollywood Blockbuster Drama in theaters, but for Morrison, it’s real-life.

Morrison, 36, of Somerville, NJ, is a real estate investor, realtor, TV personality, entrepreneur, two-time bestselling author (Lord of My Land & The Solution—both available on Amazon), social activist and CEO and founder of the Jay Morrison Brand and the Jay Morrison Academy, a real estate investing school with a physical campus in Atlanta, GA that offers online courses and a mentorship program.

According to a 2011 U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, black people made up 45 percent of people serving time in prison for drug offenses, which was around the time Morrison had made a full 180-degree change from a three-time drug offender to becoming a multi-millionaire, and would go on to be the first African American realtor hired by the high-end realty company, Sotheby’s International.

Upwards of 90% of real estate investors and new agents rarely achieve financial success or can find it to be at most, fleeting, compared to the unprecedented achievements of Morrison.  His boundless upward mobility in the ultra-high-risk business of real estate and other highly successful ventures, mimics a lottery windfall.  However, luck has little to do with this risk-taker’s accolades.  After his family met his challenge to, ‘find him something to do,’ that would mirror his lucrative, yet dangerous profession of moving an average yearly six-figure income in illegal street drugs, Morrison took the shrewd rules of street hustling directly to the boardroom, and to where his family convinced him, he would excel…real estate. 

Yet, what makes Morrison’s life even more of a rags to riches success story, goes way beyond fame and fortune, but rather his unorthodox method of philanthropy.  Morrison’s Free Pop-Up Corner Class Lectures in 25 different urban Neighborhoods in need of socio-economic empowerment and redevelopment.

Jay will be hosting free pop-up Corner Class Lectures on Street Corners in 25 Different Urban Neighborhoods in need of socio-economic empowerment and redevelopment.  In the lectures, participants can learn about: Credit, Homeownership, Investing in Group Economics, while he and other mentees of his herald program, break down in layperson terms, how anyone can become financially literate, homeowners and take control of your credit and financial prowess; especially the African American and urban communities, and all for free. 

Jay “Mr. Real Estate” Morrison is a testament to the American success story.  A gentleman, philanthropist, guru, broker, networker, financier and soon to be husband.  Sorry ladies, but this young entrepreneur has decided to put a ring on it, though I am sure we all still will wish him and his fiancé well, undoubtedly. 

You can join the Morrison’s movement by following the hashtags:  #BuyBacktheBlock & #OwnOrBeOwned, in addition to his social media: 


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