Empower At A Glance: Lucinda Cross

Posted on June 15, 2017, 9:04 pm

In our focus to bring positive content and focusing on individuals who empower others to lead better lives, we are profiling Lucinda Cross!  Lucinda Cross takes on many roles in her mission to empower and educate people on how to live their best lives.  She is a best-selling author of four books, motivational speaker, and founder of the Activate Movement.  

The Activate Movement

The Activate Movement is geared towards empowering and teaching women and at-risk youth how to develop business and become entrepreneurs.  Also, the goal is to empower women and youth on how to lead their best lives and raise themselves up.  Cross is active in getting her message out about the Activate Movement, and she has given Tedx Talks, has appeared on the Today Show, Dr. Oz, and Queen Boss.  The New York Times, Essence Magazine, and countless other publications have featured her and the Activate Movement.

Many of these appearances feature the Activate Your Vision Kit that Cross has created.  Featuring five core areas for your life: faith, family, finances, fitness, and friends, the kit helps users create where they see the direction they want their life to take.  It helps people create a path to meet goals and how to achieve dreams.  It’s also really a fun way to create a vision.  Many people are getting together to create Activate Your Vision parties to empower each other to meet goals.

When asked what inspired the Activate Movement, Cross was very candid in describing her mission to “support those who feel like they have a voice.”  She said in a recent interview, “The Movement was created for those who do great work, are not being seen, but have something powerful to share.”  Cross knew that helping people find that voice would fulfill her own purpose, too, and even knowing her own flaws pushed her to develop the Activate Movement.  Her struggle with procrastination led to her motto: “Don’t procrastinate!  Activate!”

Becoming an Entrepreneur

One of the ways Cross encourages women to follow their dreams is in her book “Corporate Mom Dropouts.”  This “grammatically incorrect, politically incorrect” book, as she calls it, includes stories, advice, and mentorship from 20 successful women who dropped out of the corporate world to follow their dreams.  Cross was inspired to write this after her own stint in the corporate world left her feeling “put back in prison…giving my life to a job that was giving me nothing.”  With the goal of connecting with women who had struck out on their own, “walking the walk and talking the talk,” Cross spoke with women who told their own stories about ditching the corporate grind.

She also doesn’t hold back about the work involved in becoming an entrepreneur.  In her own journey, she had to learn and gain experience to get the word about starting a business or a skill. She said she needed to know “who has the money and who needs to know about me?”  That’s what she tells newbies to learn immediately, how to “toot their own horn” and get out there and start learning!

Against All Odds

Another empowering phrase Cross uses frequently is “Against all odds.”  These words developed meaning when she left prison and was living in a halfway house.  Her first conversation was, “Don’t get locked up again. Try to make the best of life, try not to get caught up in being a criminal.”  Because the recidivism rates are so high and the stigma attached to having a criminal record, she knew the odds were against her.  “I had to push against all odds, it’s not time for sitting back dwelling on what society wants to label me.  I have to live the best life.”

This mission to living her best life inspired her to bring that message to others.  She credits her faith in God to her transformation from going to prison to being a successful author and entrepreneur, she says “I went from transporting dope to transporting hope.  That’s only God!”  She credits Him with success because so many of her peers from where she grew up are “in prison or dead… Just being alive at this point and making it through the storm is amazing!”

What’s Next?

Her newest project is geared to highlighting women who have gone to prison and who have come out with a higher purpose.  Due to her own incarceration as a young adult, and how it shaped her life, this is a mission very close to her heart.  Her project is called “Prison to Purpose,” and she has partnered with Empower Magazine, Jamila Davis, Brandy Davis, and Leonard Conway.   This fall, the first halfway house will be opening, and Cross is very excited about the ribbon-cutting for this event.  She hopes more halfway houses being built will follow.

Here at Empower, we are so excited for the halfway houses to open up, too!  We understand the need and are supportive of all the work being done on this endeavor!

When asked what her favorite quote is, Cross didn’t have to hesitate.  She often uses the phrase “Feast on faith and fast on fear.”  She wants her readers and listeners to “make faith a part of their daily diet and stay away from fear!”   We hope our readers follow this advice, too!