Empower At A Glance: Mya Speller Cullins

Posted on June 16, 2017, 2:00 am

We continue to profile women who embody the idea of empowerment and work to empower others.  In this intallment, we want to take the opportunity to profile Mya Speller Cullins.  Mya Speller Cullins is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, life coach, and an author.  For the past 11 years, she has worked to spread mental health and treatment to people in South Carolina and Georgia.  She is the creator and developer of several residential treatment facilities, non-profit community development groups, opioid treatment centers, and behavioral support centers.

In the Business World

Cullins is a “fixer,” in the business world.  She has assisted both new and struggling organizations become profitable, productive, and increase market share.  Her Success Pathways system allows her to create a holistic and unique map to pinpoint where a specific business is struggling and where the opportunities are being missed.  Not only is she able to build up new and struggling businesses, but she also empowers businesses to continue to grow and stay successful.

When asked about her success, she attributes it to networking.  She spent eight years in South Carolina, where she said her business was “stuck.”  When she relocated to Georgia, Cullins asked herself “What can I do better?  I started going out, networking more, attending more training.  I’ve been doing what I do now for 11 years, and three years in Georgia are the best years.”  Cullins still focuses on behavioral and addiction treatment.  In South Carolina, she focused solely on residential treatment, but in Atlanta, she has learned to broaden her scope.

Now her company, Atlanta-based Changing Phases Behavioral Support, provides intensive outpatient, less intensive outpatient, and an opioid treatment program.  Regarding mental health and treatment, she says, “The need never ends The need never ends, so I have to get creative.  I’m constantly creating ways to reach the people I’m serving.

As an Author

Cullins’ first book, “In My Father’s House” describes “a direct revelation of God being an ever present help throughout the struggles life brings upon even the youngest child.”  Following a girl from childhood through the difficulties of being a teen mother, this book tells of God watching and guiding the girl through her struggles and triumphs.  This book will make you think, make you feel, and most importantly bring you closer to God.  

Her newest book, “Behind the Veil,” is centered around a well-known, successful couple that appear to “have it all,” but appearances aren’t always what they seem.  The story deals with love, marriage, and the consequences of betrayal.  Cullins says the story and the issues the characters go through “forces you to reflect on your own relationships.”  While the story is fictional, the themes will hit home for anyone who has dealt with private pain while trying to keep up a public appearance.  This is a story that will empower you to confront your own pain and hurt while learning to move past it to heal.

What is Next?

As her business continues to grow, Mya Speller Cullins has so much coming up!  Her outpatient therapy programs continue to grow, and it is able to help more and more people.  She is actively battling the opiate addiction problem by adding treatment plans in addition to behavioral health services.

Most exciting is the reality television show that is currently in the works.  This shows both the good and the bad of the mental health industry.  Overall, it will be very empowering to show the challenges and successes of treatment programs, while highlighting a very important health need in this country.  We will add more information on the show as soon as it’s available, as we are excited to watch it, too!