Supporting Companies That Empower Women!

Posted on May 13, 2017, 2:32 am

As women, we often let our personality shine through our choice of clothes and accessories.  We use fashion to feel strong and confident, whether we are picking out a suit to wear in the boardroom or activewear to keep us working out.  While we know that empowerment comes from within, we also know that how we look can boost our confidence and make us feel strong.  Fashion plays a big part in that.

What if we can choose clothing that not only makes us feel good, but helps empower women across the world?  Indego Africa does just that!  They take designs created in New York and team up with women in Rwanda to create gorgeous clothes, bags, accessories, hats, and even home goods.  Since 2007, they Indego Africa has been empowering the women of Rwanda by helping them sell goods.  All the items are not only beautiful with bright, vivid colors and gorgeous designs, but they are hand made using traditional Rwandan techniques and materials.

Profits from the crafts and accessories go towards education and classes for the women!  Not only through the sales of their items, but they also accept donations to help educate the women in business classes and teaching them functional skills!

When you are looking for a dress, necklace, or a new handbag to update your wardrobe and boost your confidence, consider Indego Africa.  Not only do they have a great selection of products, but they are working to empower and educate women to help foster their independence and raise up communities!