Take Charge of Your Career!

Is Freelance Work Right For You?

Posted on May 23, 2017, 2:24 am

Are you struggling with a lack of empowerment at your job?  It is hard to feel empowered in your career if you don’t have any say or influence in what you do.  Do you feel it is time for a change in direction?  More and more people are saying good-bye to time clocks and cubicles, and instead, they  are choosing to become part of the rapidly growing freelance work force.

What does a freelancer do exactly?  Freelance workers are self-employed and can offer services to several different companies or employers at a time.  Freelancers can work wherever they want, often whenever they want, as long as there is an internet connection available. 

What type of industries and services do freelance workers offer?  Freelancers work in a variety of industries, especially these:

  • writing such as copy writing or writing blog posts
  • computer-based jobs such as web design, graphic design, and app development
  • marketing, including social media marketing
  • accounting, human resources, and bookkeeping

The assistance industry is growing really quickly.   A virtual assistant does administrative or personal tasks that many professionals don’t have time or inclination to do.  Sometimes, it is secretarial work, but it really just depends on what people need.   Virtual assistants often  research flight information and schedule appointments to data entry and bookkeeping.  Chances are, you have skills that people are looking for!

This is the time to do something you love and take charge of your career.  If you like creating things and are good at crafting or sewing, open an Etsy shop.  Start a blog or look into writing articles.  If you love fixing up old furniture, there is a huge demand for that right now.

This could be your new office!

Being your own boss can be incredibly empowering, but it’s not always easy.  Sometimes, it’s hard to know where to get started or to find out what you want to.  If you’re not sure where to get started, there are plenty of resources and freelance job boards online for getting started, so you are not alone.   However, if you dream of traveling, staying home with your kids, or having the independence to choose your work, a freelance career could be a great option!