Tamra Simmons: Building A Business Easily

Posted on July 21, 2017, 4:23 am

For this mompreneur, starting a business was a means of creating a better life for her children. A divorce left mother of two Tamra Simmons broke and desperate. What she did have was a vision and a divine purpose. Running her own business was no piece of cake. Neither was raising a family. As a single mother, Tamra Simmons built a successful business with little money. Managed to do both with a mix of intelligence, creativity and sheer determination.

Being out on her own was not a setback for Simmons. Don’t get her wrong, entrepreneurship is a ton of work. However, don’t let the perception of the lifestyle count you out before you even count yourself in. For Tamra, her circumstances built a wealth of skills that did her well in entrepreneurship such as: multitasking, creativity, managing, operating on a budget, and problem-solving to say the least.

Thinking about how she was going to do it all almost stopped Tamra from starting her own company five years ago. It seemed unreasonable to think that she’d be able to get everything done that she wanted to accomplish as an entrepreneur and still be the mother to her two small children at the time.

The truth is, Tamra’s success showcases that you can do it all if you just change your perspective and rely on your faith.

Luxury branding and entertainment executive, Tamra Simmons is on the fast trail to earning her place among iconic media moguls. In 2011, Simmons introduced dynamic and aggressive methods of marketing that essentially gave her first company, Revitalized Marketing Group an ineluctable presence in and outside the digital space. RMG’s rapid growth and over the top service made Simmons on of the most sought-after marketers from Miami to Dubai. Implementing powerful influencer strategies, Simmons’ focus across departmental lines began shaping something greater that ROI at a time when return on investment was the key focus of the market. With consistent monitoring of social media markets and tech trends, Simmons vastly found her company ranking at the height of industry leaders as she introduced a powerful new currency now widely recognized as ROR or return on relationships. Cultivating healthy relationships around the globe, Simmons’ premiere start-up, RMG was expanding honorably to meet client’s needs. In less than 24 months their dashboard included market research, data analysis, media training, branding, crisis management, and bleeding edge content creation. By summer 2012, Simmons’ personal brand had become a trendsetting powerhouse. RMG was among the first to initiate insight as-a-service with consistent monthly reporting to ensure consistency, effectiveness, and success of client businesses.

Leaving nothing to chance, Simmons went a step further by educating clients personnel to establish and maintain ambassador networks across key social media sites. Interested in her ideas, clients and other national media professionals are now bidding for creative direction from this stylish marketing expert that is stretching her dynamic abilities across the U.S. Her stock is rising by the hour and investors are standing at the threshold of her door.

Embracing the plenteous God has placed before her; Simmons amplified her service stacks and launched an international firm, The Tamra Simmons Brand Agency under which she provides a prestigious pool of services, and a transparent bridge between major networks and opportunities for talent. Simmons is currently operating in her passion, developing and structuring television programming.

Through the TSB Agency, Tamra continues to diversify her professional portfolio, Simmons is brokering deals with investors and developers in luxury real estate. Implementing her professional foresight, Simmons’ expansive operation is a gem in the recruitment industry and beyond.

As a Talent Agent/Director, TV Producer, and Casting Director secures opportunities for actors, authors, film directors/producers, musicians, models, professional athletes, writers, screenwriters, broadcast journalists, and many other roles throughout entertainment and broadcast media. Simmons is a Producer for reality shows such as Growing Up Hip-Hop, Mary Mary and casting producer for major brands. Expanding in markets from software to fashion, Simmons is irrefutably molding her status as an industry trailblazer.

Tamra Simmons has been featured in Impact Magazine, receiving the  2017 Impact Award for being among the “Top 50 Influential Women in the Industry”, featured in Polish Magazine (2016), Black Business Women Rock Newsletter (2017), and now Empower Magazine (2017).

Simmons is nowhere near finished. She is coming from behind the scenes as she debuts her newest project “The BABE” (Building a Business Easily), a business consulting experience that will take business leaders to the next level. It teaches start-ups, existing brands, non-profits etc. how to build a business easily! Successful in her own right she lays the blueprint out on how to get it done thru various seminars, speaking platforms, workshops leaving you with a special gift of business essentials.

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