Three Ways to Be Productive with Your Time

Posted on July 04, 2017, 11:52 pm

As time is a constant, unchanging variable, the idea of having great “time management” skills seems unreal. While being able to get things accomplished promptly is always the goal, there are so many distractions that often take the focus off of what needs to be done. For those who like working under pressure, procrastination is their best friend and their worst enemy. And for those who thrive off getting things done, making work easier seems to be more of a luxury than a necessity. Shortly put, there is no way you can manage time, but you can manage yourself.

A common misconception of time is that it cannot work in favor of those who watch it. This can be true in some cases; however, when proper planning precedes action, the use of allotted time can be maximized according to your plans.

If you seem to struggle with having more to do than you have time, here are three tips you can being to implement today to make better use of your productive time.

1. Work with a to-do list.

Nothing motivates you more than looking at your list of things to do and seeing things get crossed off of it. Crossing tasks off your list tell your mind that you are getting things done. It also prompts you to continue working because finishing your list seems more attainable with three things left to do rather than five.

2. Work in one-hour increments.

Technology can be used for many things from socializing to entertainment, but one of its best uses is to tell you when to step away from work. If you have an Apple watch, you can set it to remind you to take as little as one minute every few hours to center yourself and breathe. If you have a Fitbit, it too can be set to remind you to get up and take a few steps. Not only does this help your mind relax, but it helps you focus your attention and energy on how you feel instead of how much work you have to get done.

3. Work in a place that inspires you.

You may not be able to choose where you work every day, but you can set the tone for your work environment. If you stare at blank walls, put up pictures of people or places that make you smile. If you can design your workspace any way you’d like, add subtle decorations that display your individuality. When you are in a space that you like, work gets a little easier because you can pull from what you see around you to help focus and center you.

Productivity is a must, not only at work but in your personal life as well. One of the most important things you can do for your sanity is to be productive when productivity call and to relax when relaxation is needed. No matter what, go into work mode knowing what you have to do and be ready to get it done.