Self-Empowerment Means YOU Control YOUR Life and Destiny

Posted on May 11, 2017, 5:59 pm

Everyone talks about being empowered – just what does that mean?  Empowerment is considered to be made up of five components: 

  • Your sense of self-worth
  • Your right to have and determine choices
  • Your right to have access to opportunities
  • Your right to have the power to control your own life
  • Your ability to go outside yourself to influence change in the socio-economic environment in which you live

Being self-empowered enables you to envision and create what you really want in life.

Being self-empowered is to realize that your empowerment resides within you.

Being empowered goes beyond just having control over your own life and destiny; it encompasses a number of interrelated and interdependent factors.  Every time you allow someone or something outside of yourself to provide you with love, success, or happiness, you are handing your power over to them.  When that love, success, or happiness isn’t made real in your life, they have defeated and dis-empowered you.

You are in control of your future.

 And that future just got here

Conversely, when you decide to be a self-empowered, loving, caring person, the success and happiness that you desire will begin to attract the very people, events, and milestones that reinforce your empowered life.  When you understand that you can control what happens to you and to your life, you have taken one of the biggest steps to self-determination and domination of your life and the path you choose to set for yourself.

Regardless of your past or your present, you are in control of your future.  And that future just got here.

By learning to empower yourself, you learn to bring balance back into your life.  You will enjoy a life where you are in harmony with yourself and those around you.  

Now, take a deep breath.  Before you think I have gone down a path into the ether, I have not.  I am just saying that once you have taken hold of the reins of your life and become a self-empowered person, you will gain a new clarity for what is truly important in your life and what is just so much pabulum that you can discard.  That clarity will lead you to making decisions which are in accord with where you want your life to go.  At the same time, you will be more cognizant of your actions on others and will be more of an enrichment to their lives. 

  • Know your self-worth, and you will begin to think about, plan, and prepare your life for everything you envision on your path
  • Choose to take the bold steps needed to awaken yourself to the self-empowered person that is there inside you
  • Step forward and take control of your destiny, and enjoy your life!

People develop self-reliance when they’re given the space to solve their problems and make mistakes in the process.  Because you have embraced your self-empowerment and all that it encompasses, you won’t be so afraid to move out of your comfort zone and try something new.