Willie Moore Jr: The Renaissance Radio Host

Posted on December 20, 2018, 1:43 am
Photo: Antoinne Jones

By: Autumnn Douglas

It’s 5:30 p.m. in Atlanta, otherwise known as the height of rush hour. You’re stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on I-285, have already called ahead to let the family know you’ll be late for dinner, and are doing your best to maintain your composure and not pull your hair out. All in all, your plans for a smooth post-work evening seem shot. That is, until you’re perusing
the radio stations (because what else is there to do for the next hour and a half), and are met with the familiar, uplifting jingle—“Just in case you didn’t know, Willie Moore Jr’s on your radio”

Willie Moore Junior of Atlanta’s Praise 102.5 radio has been empowering the community and “keeping it 100” with listeners nationwide for years now. And with over 1.3 million people tuning in to his broadcasts every week his impact is undeniable. He prides himself on his show combining motivational music and passion to create flat out inspirational radio. However, these broadcasts are not the only thing Moore has his hands in. In fact he is also an accomplished recording artist, producer, actor, and author. And he repeatedly sites God and his Christian values as the guiding light in all of his endeavors.

Growing up in St. Louis, Missouri Moore found that he always possessed a certain passion for music and would eventually become known for his talents. At just 12 years old he signed his first record deal with Midwest recording label and later on went on to sign with Universal Music Group. His involvement with Christian hip-hop however, came with the release of his studio album The Turning Point. It was during this time that he developed a relationship with God that he describes as “purely authentic” and began preaching his message to the masses. In fact, he recalls inviting others to join him on his journey toward forging a revitalized relationship with the Lord and people meeting him in the middle of club events to become a part of this movement. He went on to release The Best of Both Worlds album with Christian rap artist Bizzle. The album peaked at #42 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart and #27 on the Top Gospel Albums chart.

Beyond his music, Moore is also a motivational speaker and the visionary behind the Young, Fly, and Saved movement. He recalls that through prayer and fasting God helped him conceive the idea. Young, Fly, and Saved was created to ultimately help bridge the gap between the streets and church, as well as highlight to youth the benefits of creating a lasting relationship with God. Being someone that’s been connected to both worlds, Moore prides himself on the fact that he “doesn’t have to pretend to be bigger or smaller than what he is”. His ability to motivate and connect with people is something that he refers to as a “calling”, and he carries the responsibility
with grace and humility.

With vision, handwork, and guidance from God, Moore has been able to extend his reach across a number of platforms including one of the world’s largest online streaming sites, YouTube. Flatout-TV, Moore’s self produced, episodic series covers a range of topics including relationships, the industry, and overcoming life’s obstacles. It also boasts a number of celebrity guests including the likes of Kel Mitchell, Tiffany Evans, and Canton Jones. And with over 70,000 subscribers, and 347 million combined viewers, Moore’s channel is shaping up to be yet another powerful platform he utilizes in spreading positivity and empowerment.

It doesn’t stop with Youtube though. In fact, he plans on owning “the biggest faith based television and film production company” and hopes to “build films that really speak to the culture”. His ultimate goal is to broadcast the faith-based community in a new light, and starting in 2019 audiences will get a little taste of this with a project he calls “The Process”.

Along with his devotion to the community Moore is also a dedicated father and husband. He challenges himself to live by the motto “God, Family, Business”, allowing him to establish order and find a “better balance” in all aspects of his life. Balance is incredibly important to the Moores right now, as they just welcomed a brand new baby girl, Paisley Rae, to their family.
This family’s happiness didn’t come without some hardship however. In his newly published book Happily After All, he details the journey he and his wife made“going through hell and high water to get to where they are today”. Originally when God led him to write a book about relationships Moore was skeptical considering the trials and tribulations they had gone through.

However, it was that exact reason that the book was ultimately published. He tells us that he wanted the book to tell “transparent stories about some of the things he and his wife went through in their first thirteen years of marriage that many young couples might quit over including financial instability, foreclosure, and infidelity” The overarching vision for Happily
After All is to inspire more young couples to push through the hardships of marriage and grow together.

He also cites wanting to provide more happy homes for children in foster care as one of his main reasons for penning the novel, with adoption being an issue very close to his heart. Being the son of two loving adoptive parents himself, he rallies for adoption efforts and uses his “WILFLO
Foundation” to raise awareness about adoption and foster care. He stated in 2017 that he wanted adopted children to wear it as a “badge of honor” and understand that “success was upon them early because of what they had to endure at an early age”.

Willie Moore Jr. continues to inspire the community through the gospel with transparency and enthusiasm. His multiple philanthropic efforts coupled with the positivity he exudes show that he not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. Moore is very aware that he occupies a unique space
in the industry, and is not shy when it comes to discussing his journey to become the man he is today. He sympathizes with those of us that have not always been on the straight and narrow, saying that “everyone has a past but we don’t have to be prisoner to it”. This genuine honesty sets him apart as one of the most influential motivational voices to date, and makes him relatable to audiences everywhere.