There’s nothing like a praying mom – or a cooking one. Moms and food are the heart and soul of any family, and generations are built from the deliciousness that they create.

From that secret fried chicken recipe to the sweet potato pie every one fights over every holiday, having a mom who does her thing in the kitchen is a blessing and a habit we are more than happy to enable.

If you’ve got a mom in your life that has your dreaming of a seat at their kitchen table, show them some appreciation this Mother’s Day with gifts that will fuel their passion – and feed your belly.

01 Black Girl Magic Apron

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Available at Click and Grow $200

03 10 Piece Cookware Set

After all these years, mom deserves a brand new pot set to throw down with.
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Available at How to Cake It $30
Available at HelloFresh $60
Available at Walmart $300 
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12 Recipe File Box

Available at Amazon $34

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