By Alysha Hurst

Every beauty lover goes through the same thing. We get asked why we wear makeup so much or why it takes so long to get ready in the morning but what is the real reason for “putting your face on?”

YouTube beauty pro NikkieTutorials went viral after uploading a #PowerofMakeup video. This video displayed the makeup artist applying makeup to only one side of her face. She explained that makeup critics assume people who wear cosmetics do so because of insecure reasons such as self-hatred or the attention of men. In reality, some women just love the act of putting on lipstick and faux eyelashes for an enhanced look.

Makeup is used as an accessory to feel good about ourselves. Lately it is a “crime” to love doing your makeup, but women should not be ashamed for creating different looks. In order to look beautiful, you must first feel beautiful and that starts from within. If there is something that you want to change about yourself, go for it as long as you are comfortable with inner beauty once the makeup wipes off.

The power of makeup allows for those annoying blemishes and blackheads that just won’t go away to vanish once a foundation is applied—like magic. Say goodbye to those dark circles under your eyes and hello to highlighting with a creamy concealer that gives an instant facelift. A woman can conquer the world with a bold winged eyeliner that will cut anyone who wants to mess with her.

Women tend to have darker eyes and redder lips than men do and we wear makeup to exaggerate those differences. There’s also a correcting aspect. Blush makes us look healthier; foundation makes our faces appear more symmetrical. The #PowerofMakeup campaign would have us to believe that a woman should celebrate the beauty on her face whether it is enhanced with makeup or bare and natural.

The cost of high end to low end makeup can quickly add up. Someone may walk into Sephora hoping to only spend $40 or less but with persuasion from the sales associates and temptation of the newest beauty products, the buyer might leave with $100 worth of products.

As of 2016, revenue in the cosmetics industry is estimated to be about $62.46 billion. This means that companies capitalize on beauty products that make a woman look and feel best about herself. The focus on helping with the beauty of others eliminates a lot of what other industries do to women, where they are pitted against each other in a race for success.

Even YouTube beauty gurus and makeup artists create an artistic environment of belonging by mentoring women to feel confident and look beautiful. From a natural face with minimum enhancements to a beat face with highlighted cheek bones, women should not be ashamed of how much makeup they wear. The cost of makeup and application brushes are not cheap so embrace your talents because truthfully, we all know how hard it is to flawlessly blend and avoid harsh lines.

Jay-Z once asked Beyoncé, “Girl, why you never ready? For as long as you took you better look like Halle Berry.” Instead of criticizing or making jokes about how some women look different with makeup on, everyone should appreciate the timely process to look like perfection, regardless of how much is enhanced.

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