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Dr.Myla Bennett is never one to back down from a challenge, the self proclaimed “underdog” has come out on the other side and has a couple of life and skin tips for the rest of us trying to make it through.

Owner of Ederra Bella Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa in Johns Creek,GA. Dr.Bennet is the award winning plastic surgeon and aesthetic go to for some of the entertainment industries most elite. Outside of her transformative services, Dr.Bennett has mastered the art of wound healing, burn treatment, tuberous breast deformity, and breast reconstruction. While her profession is rooted in making her loyal clients feel “pretty” her journey to becoming the ultimate entrepreneur hasn’t always been as such.

 Dr.Bennett had every reason to give up; being one of six children raised in a single parent household in her native Cleveland,Ohio and losing her father to addiction during her freshman year of college, she had grown accustomed to constantly hearing it would be so much easier to take a “safer route”.

 “I wasn’t the best student in undergrad (Bennett gained her undergrad in biology from the University of Michigan At Ann Arbor) and a couple of professors would try to deter me, but unfortunately for them I had been hearing “no” and “try something else” my whole life so it never phased me. I had a goal, sometimes it seemed far away but I certainly had a goal.  I’ve always had this streak of rebellion in me, after someone tells me I can’t do something or shouldn’t do something. I HAVE TO DO IT! I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not but I turn that doubt into fuel. ” Dr.Bennett went on to complete a specialized postgraduate program in medicine at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. She received her Doctor of Medicine degree from The Ohio State University College of Medicine, where she also completed her general surgery and plastic and reconstructive surgery residencies. While completing her studies Dr.Bennett became interested in the ever evolving practices of non surgical skin care and rejuvenation.

 After completing her residency and racking up a number of accolades along the way Dr.Bennett went to work with Reid Hospital in Richmond, Indiana where she started the Allure Center for Plastic Surgery. After building a solid career and clients during her three years at Reid, Dr.Bennett began to feel the itch of complacency and decided to take her talents elsewhere. “I had always looked at Atlanta as somewhere I wanted to be. I saw the progression it had in the beauty and medical industry and thought why not? I didn’t know anyone or even knew if it was going to work but I had to try. So we picked up and moved and just made it happen.”

After moving to Johns Creek to start her practice Dr.Bennett soon realized while she was a seasoned expert in the area of plastic surgery, she was a rookie in entrepreneurship. “Starting the business might have been the hardest thing I had to do. Making the decision was easy because I’m a risk taker, knowing what I wanted to do and wanted things to look like or be branded as was easy because I had a vision; but the logistics of starting a business from the ground up was completely new to me. I would literally do things step by step. I needed a license for this, I’d go get it, I’d need approval for this, I would go get it. I needed this type of insurance for this, I’d go get it. There was no clear and easy path but I was going to make it happen, that was the only answer.”

After opening her practice Dr.Bennett began reaching out to some of Atlanta’s most exclusive residents and to her surprise didn’t feel the southern hospitality at first, “There was a little push back at first, people would me give the cold shoulder and I get it. But eventually when word got out I started to see them come around and then it grew from there.” As one of 20 African American female plastic surgeons across the country, and seven of them being located in the Atlanta area, Dr.Bennett was now becoming accustomed to a bigger pond and needed to find her niche to stick out.

Although her physical work is in plastic surgery, Dr.Bennett always looks to have her clients focus on their internal and natural beauty before considering full surgical procedures. “I don’t think my clients or anyone for that matter should have to choose between inner or outer beauty, but I do think starting within and working on self should always come first. From skin care to mental care to spiritual care, it all affects you as a person, so why not take care of all of that?”

While serving her clients and offering a variety of exclusive procedures and products, Dr.Bennett began to see her purpose grow in other areas. She started to seek ways to reach people detached from the scalpel. After having her brand highlighted in major national platforms like Jet Magazine, Black Enterprise and WEtv and working with internationally known celebrities like Supermodel Ashley Graham, Toni Braxton, Towanda Braxton and Tamar Braxton, Dr.Bennett wanted to share her knowledge of making that jump into full entrepreneurship. She began a number of initiatives including her “Preserve Your Pretty Movement” which landed her at the SUCCESS Women’s conference as well as hosting her own coveted TEDX Talk.

Pushing forward with her well received speaking appearances, she evolved into her own “Pretty Talk Tour”, Dr.Bennett started to feel the itch again. “Entrepreneurship isn’t about the money, it’s about the freedom. While the money in my field was great, it was attached to that office which made me have to be attached to that office. That’s not what I wanted. I had to find a way where the income continued but I had the freedom to still be a mom, a wife, a speaker, anything that would serve on a larger scale.”

Focused on a way to create the path to true entrepreneurial freedom Dr.Bennett began to develop her custom line of skin care and anti aging products, Pretty RX. As a long term skin maintenance line, Dr. Bennett created a way for patients to reverse the signs of aging, sun damage, acne, acne scars and inflammation. Using herself as a billboard, Dr.Bennett has always been asked about her skin care regime and how she gives the look of flawless makeup but with a bare face, with the launch of Pretty RX, she was able to let everyone in on a couple of secrets. “SPF SPF SPF!!!! If I can’t stress anything more than that it’s SPF 30 or above. African Americans have thought because of our natural melanin we don’t need it but that’s furthest from the truth. The sun can create damage or issues far beyond the obvious so that protection is crucial”.

The line was a hit with Dr.Bennett’s exclusive clients including the face of the line, supermodel and RHOA star Kenya Moore, Dr.Bennett once again accomplished what she set out to do and made a way to not be a slave to the surgical room.

Her Huffington post coined tittle of the “The Pretty Rebel of Plastic Surgery” is well earned thanks to Dr.Bennett’s fearless and unconventional methods but it’s what sets her apart and allowed her “true pretty” to shine through.

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