Dr. Catrina Pullum 


“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”- John C.Maxwell.  

True leaders are rare these days, the people who use their wins and losses to create a clear path for others.

Leaders are selfless (sometimes to a fault), innovators, risk takers, and ultimately givers. Dr. Catrina Pullum is a leader in more ways than one. Leading herself out of being a statistic, out of a comfort zone, and into a life of entrepreneurism and philanthropy, Dr.Pullum continues to find ways to make the light at the end of the tunnel just a tad bit brighter for others.

Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana; Dr. Pullum didn’t set out to be the “ultimate entrepreneur”, but ultimately you can’t run from destiny. “I was supposed to be the Governor of Louisiana or the DA. I loved all the detective, criminal shows growing up, my favorite was “In The Heat of The Night”. My major in college was psychology and law enforcement. I went into forensics investigation and then forensics therapy. And although my educational background is light years different from my works in entertainment and media, it helps. People always comment on how cool and calm I am in any situation, and it’s because I’m used to doing this with criminals talking about life in prison!”

Dr.Pullum worked in forensics over 20 years until she recently retired less than two years ago. She used her training for attention to detail and out of the box thinking to be a huge component in what started her multiple businesses. “My husband and I realized how much money we were wasting having people do these things for us and them not being done right. So after some research and learning from our other friends and family we literally locked ourselves in a room went through all of the paperwork, IRS documents, everything and started our business.”

With the development of PullCorp Media, Dr.Pullum was able to create a variety of ways for people to tell their truths and work in their purpose. PullCorp Media is a one stop shop! Dr.Pullum and her team offer full service public relations, production, brand management, and business consulting. While her for profit services were born out of realizing she could do any and everything herself, her hearts work came to realization a little different.

“The birth of my non profit came in my senior year of college. I lost my great grandmother who raised me and was one of the most important people in my life. I went through a lot as a child and teenager and she was always there. I was a victim of sexual abuse and it lead me to be being an alocholic before I was even a teenager. She found empty liquor bottles in my closet and because of her age she realized she couldn’t really handle me there anymore, so she sent me to live with my grandparents. I ended up getting pregnant at a young age but I still didn’t let that stop me. I used that a reason to work harder. I graduated highschool and went to college, and really held on to the values and ethics that my great grandmother and my grandparents taught me.”

While some would take their personal trials and tribulations and just moved on, Dr.Pullum used hers to give others the strength to break the cycle.

Her hard work and boundless vision has placed her in rooms that many African Americans have never stepped foot in, she’s earned more awards than one mantel can hold; including the revered Martin Luther King Jr awarded by President Barack Obama and received declaration of August 29th being the national “Chain Breakers” Day. Named after her critically acclaimed, best selling memoir “Breaking the Chains”, as well as her stage play “Breaking the Chains”.

“I’ve always been a helper. I can’t even recall when my business door’s officially opened to the public  because I’ve been helping people in a number of capacities for a very long time. Even if it’s just pushing them. My husband tell’s people to not tell me what they want to do because I’m going to see to it that they do it, and I’m going to help. With all that I’ve done one of my biggest feats was completing my book. I did not want to write the book at all, but after a lot of conformations from friends, family and a lot of prayer I listened to God and just gave my story.”

“My faith is so strong, if I can’t talk about my faith then we probably shouldn’t talk. My biggest piece of advice to that young girl going through anything that might have caused some pain or even derailment from what they wanted for their life is to just believe, don’t get up. Sometimes you have to make adjustments or even changes you never thought you would in order to adjust to life. Keep the faith and trust in God, it comes back full circle. For instance my latest venture is completing a seven book series for children mostly based on my son and him dealing with the loss of family and growing up, but in writing it I didn’t realize I was healing my younger self as well.”

Dr.Pullum has taken her twists and turns in life and used them as fuel to beat the odds and help others along the way. Recognized for her tireless efforts in helping others and creating opportunities, Dr. Catrina Pullum is the true personification of a leader.

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