Passion Jonesz is a Body Positive, Fashion, and Beauty Influencer hailing from New York City by way of Cleveland with over 750K Followers collectively throughout social media. PassionJonesz began to cultivate herself as Body Positive Influencer in 2012 with her clothing hauls for curveaous women. In 2012, PassionJonesz felt that the fashion world was missing its mark within the Curvy Community-this is why she began her fashion hauls. PassionJonesz’s fun, quirky, and sweet personality allowed a number of women throughout the world seek fashion advice from the young entrepreneur through her YouTube Channel simply named, PassionJonesz. As her viewership began to grow throughout social media, she began to venture into other avenues of being an entrepreneurship by first creating her line of cosmetics, Glownista in 2018 and just as of recently launching PassionJonesz Closet-which provides one size fits all styled clothing to embrace the beauty of all shapes and sizes.

As PassionJonesz is one of the many influencers who advocates for body positivity all across the board no matter the size, shape, color, and/ or changes to one’s body. She “Embodies” self love as she is on the journey of self respect for each other despite the decisions made to oneself. “I believe positivity for bodies does not have a certain size set or look because everyone’s perception of a certain body type that is deemed “beautiful” varies from shape to shape so how can we pin point what body is greater than or less than?” -PassionJonesz

As an Influencer, PassionJonesz believes that both the fashion and beauty industry should include EVERYONE so that not one individual is omitted, shamed, ridiculed, and/ or exiled for possessing a certain body shape. PassionJonesz’s mission is clear as she has begun to lay down the groundwork of cultivating her own movement known as, everyBODY.  everyBODY is a digital space that will open up doors for all influencers throughout social media to develop and embrace the ideas of Body Positivity throughout Social Media. As this movement is only in the beginning stages, PassionJonesz has begun to collaborate with a number of stakeholders in the field of Fashion and Beauty to develop this movement of positivity, enlightment, and love.

As PassionJonesz’s brand continues to magnify through her various partnerships with Beautycon, Poshmark, SavageXFenty, Shoedazzle-just to name a few! PassionJones is here to continue to make her mark on the all avenues of Fashion, Beauty, and Body Positivity! PassionJonesz is not just a pretty face but she is truly a brand that stands for uplifting all aspects of life while embracing her true love to Fashion and Beauty!

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