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Trina E. Braxton evolved from singing in an R&B girl group (The Braxton’s) with her sisters to multifaceted entertainer and astute businesswoman. Best known for her bluntness, Trina is a fan favorite on WE’s top-rated reality show, Braxton Family Values. Trina’s out-of-the-box thinking and genuine approach to entertainment has attracted a new generation to her fabulousness. Trina’s fans, her ‘Boom Booms,’ as she affectionately calls them, can look forward to all things fresh, fun and fearless from this multi-talented diva.

A little talk with Trina…

Empower: What are your top 3 tips for being a successful businesswoman?

Trina: The first one is making sure God is always a priority in my life. Second is that what I am working on has my full attention, and is a passion of mines. Third tip is having a team behind you that wants to see you succeed.

Empower: What inspires you to get out of bed each morning?

Trina: My determination to build my empire. When it’s all said and done my goals are to leave a legacy behind for my children.

Empower: What are some of your favorite segments that you guys have done on The Sister Circle?

Trina: My favorites are sitting down with my peers and discussing their projects and success, because a lot of our guests I’ve known for many years. It warms my heart to see all of the accomplishments, and of course our Sister Circle savings. (Laughs)

Empower: Coming from a family that’s full of divine feminine energy why do you think it’s so important for women to uplift and empower each other?

Trina: In our society women are far too often looked over and with me being in the public eye it’s my responsibility to set that standard because you just never know who lives you are impacting. I have to lead by example.

Empower: How do you balance your busy life being a mother, entrepreneur, producer, and actress?

Trina: Sometimes it can become very hectic, but that’s when having that team behind you that wants to see you succeed comes into play. I have my days mapped out weeks in advance just so I am able to stay on top of everything.

Empower: Do you have any advice for other women on the go?

Trina: Always pace yourself and never lose focus on what you are aiming to achieve.

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