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A woman of many talents and trades, Rashan Ali continues to set the bar high for herself and encourage the next generation of women in media, sports, and philanthropy.

From taking over syndicated radio airwaves, delivering headlining news, to captivating viewers as a daytime television host, the Ali is no stranger to hard work and is a great example of the cultural idiom, “what is for you, will be for you.”

Living by her newly minted mission statement, “I do media differently,” Ali has made her mark with the intent of being recognized as an authentic and genuine figure in the media industry.

Empower: What does being a woman mean to you?

Rashan: Being a woman means being the mother of this earth. Being a woman means having the super power of making the universe operate, for without woman, there is no life. I am privileged to have the gift of carrying this thought daily. There is nothing greater.

Empower: Describe the best day you’ve had on set of The Sister Circle.

Rashan: September 18, 2017.  

This was the date of the official launch of Sister Circle.  It was the culmination of years of preparation needed for me to make it to this moment in my life. It was the Universe confirming that through the hills and valleys of life, we must stay the course we are called
to live.

Empower: As founder of Sporty Girl’s, Inc. you’re obviously a woman that’s not afraid to get her hands a little dirty. What do you think is the importance of women and young girls staying active?

Rashan: Statistics have shown that the majority of girls who participate in sports have high self esteem, acute self discipline and keen adaptation skills.  I started swimming competitively at five-years-old. Because of this, I worked hard and yearned for the experience and feeling of winning. Because I wanted to win in the pool, I in turn, wanted to win in life. These core skills have helped me become the woman I am today.  I wanted more girls from all walks of life and economic statuses to be afforded this same opportunity which is why I founded Sporty Girls, Inc. in 2006.

Having such an athletically driven life, I continue to remain physically fit. I have completed half marathons and triathlons. I also enjoy strength training as well as Pilates and yoga.

Empower: Name one moment in your career that’s changed you.

Rashan: Whew! That’s tough. I think the valleys define you. It makes you contemplate your now and your next.

In 2008, my local radio morning show, “The A-Team Morning Show” was ranked in the top three in our demographic in Atlanta. Things were seemingly going well, until they weren’t. We were unceremoniously replaced by the popular syndicated morning show, “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.”

I went from the top of my game as one of three female radio personalities in the country who was the lead host on an urban formatted morning show to the company completely dismantling my entire team.

The reality of the entertainment business, bent me. Luckily, it didn’t break me. Although at times, it felt like it. In retrospect, it was all preparation for the journey. I would not want it any other way.

2018 was dubbed “The Year of The Woman”. In your opinion, what is 2019 the year of?

I am believing 2019 is the year of manifestation. So many seeds have been planted in 2018 and if we are in alignment, the right things will prosper.

Ali enjoys spending time with her husband, Brian, and is the proud mother of two wonderful daughters, Bailey and Carter. For more information about Rashan Ali, please visit,, &

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