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Let’s face it, reality television is not reality. There’s production teams that set up scenarios, editing teams that control what we see, and ultimately a cast who has to tell a story.  As seasons go on we get to know the inner workings of relationships and see people bloom or wilt. Overall reality television is an unconventional but impactful way to make a first impression.

When we first met Quad Webb-Lunceford she was the quick witted, life of the party on Bravo’s, Married to Medicine.

Quad was a successful medical sales rep and business owner, her puppy couture line, Picture Perfect Pups was just as fabulous as she was. Quad was seen as the slightly over the top, catch phrase using (“Catch fire”- go to hell) friend from Memphis,TN. While a little more in your face than some of the other cast members there was something endearing about Quad that made her a favorite pretty quickly. “Mariah actually presented me with the idea at first, I met with production and then actually had an interview and audition. The audition was actually a huge component, because if you are not interesting or someone they(production) think people wouldn’t be interested in watching, it wouldn’t happen. I’ve brought a lot of women to the table and some of them don’t make it, so it has to be about a wow factor.”

When we were first introduced to the ladies of Married to Medicine reality television was still somewhat a new concept. There was Mona Scott Young’s crew on Love & Hip Hop and then their network sisters of the Real Housewives franchise. Married to Medicine was a little different, this cast of all African American women were doctors, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, and seemed to have real relationships with each other. “ The basis of any reality show is the cast, you have to work with what you have; and on the show (Married to Medicine) you have a group of college educated women. No matter how silly or small minded some may be on the show, they are very educated women. All of us on the show are very family oriented, even with all that we go through you see our family dynamics and the sincerity. I do think that our show does a great job of showing real life and relatable situations, it’s not the normal petty reality tv stuff. Although when Mariah first presented the idea of the show to me I didn’t really know what to expect, but in all honesty the show has taken a dark turn to where in hindsight I possibly would have made a different choice. “

With the progression of the show, the first four seasons seemed to fly by. Audience members got to see the breakdown and buildup of old and new relationships.  We got to know more about Quad including her family and ultimately her very public divorce. “I introduced my brother and nephew around season four and my mother and aunts didn’t make appearances until season six. I’m very protective of my family, even throughout a divorce I was still very protective of my husband. But eventually I seasoned them in just to show people where I came from and who I have to lean on in my corner.”

During the last two seasons viewers have got to be witness to a number of major transitions in Quad’s life. Along with birds eye view of her split from Dr. Gregory Lunceford, Quad was also cast as one of the hosts on TV One’s daytime talk show Sister Circle. Just like her introduction to reality tv Quad was a natural as a talk show host. “This transition was pretty easy, I never, ever meet a stranger. People are usually so open with me and I listen and give feedback or advice and it just works. Even when I was in pharmaceutical sales, I got to merge my biology degree with my natural knack for conversation and it allowed me to be very successful. I’m very good at connecting with people. I’m a naturally genuine and personable person, and I’m so glad that Sister Circle allows me the space to show that.”

Sister Circle is a completely different platform, people get a chance to see my heart and my true personality without it being predicated on drama or petty situations. I wasn’t too worried about the viewers having any preconceived notions about me coming from reality tv to a talk show setting because if you’re a positive person and watch Married to Medicine, you see I am too even amongst the mess. I get to be that every day on Sister Circle and I’m so thankful for that” “Now I know it’s some that will say I saw her on Married to Medicine and she was reading somebody for filth and now she’s on here being so open and positive but that’s me. I get to be sensitive and vulnerable  but on Married to Medicine those things are seen as weak or bad, so it’s most certainly a different dynamic.”

In a nod to how open she truly is, viewers were there with Quad during her divorce. While the dissolve of a marriage would be a trying situation for anyone to handle in private, Quad was more than transparent with viewers. “During my divorce I was the same woman, going through the same experience and was received totally different on both shows. It was and still is a long process but it happens and we had to face it head on. Someone told me the only way out was through, so I believe that.”

While going through a public divorce Quad has still made it a point to continue to show how big her heart is. She is a lifetime member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. and along with her sorors she spearheads a number of community philanthropic activities and organizations that give back to the youth and those in need. Her most recent initiative was College Prep 101, where she along with her sorority sisters linked up with an Atlanta chapter of Omega Psi Phi and helped over 400 college students get prepared for college. “We focused on everything from completing college applications, financial aid, dressing for interviews, and negotiating salaries.” “I’ve also had a chance to participate along with Ryan Cameron in a great organization called From Neighbors to Families, that focuses on keeping siblings in the foster care system together. This past holiday was a great one because we actually got to provide a Christmas for 15 families.”

If growth and elevation had a poster child it would be Quad, over the years viewers have had a chance to see her go from a novice reality star to talk show queen and now….a cookbook author. “My cookbook Cooking With Ms.Quad – Live, Love, Laugh, and Eat; has been doing phenomenal. I’m so blessed at the reception it’s getting, it’s already almost sold out on Amazon presales and we haven’t done any of the promo or roll out for it. It’s due out in May. My fans are already familiar with me cooking from my social media, I’m a huge foodie, so this was something I was passionate about venturing into it and I’m so happy its being received well. We’re going to venture into cookware, homeware; just the full layout for a lifestyle brand. I’m very active in my partnerships with fashion, I am one of the brand contributors for BCBG and working towards possibly coming out with my own line. So I am very excited about the future and just seeing everything come to life, it’s truly a blessing.”

There’s no better ending than a reality star making all of her dreams a reality. Quad continues to rise about the scrutiny that comes with reality television and knock down walls in industry she chooses to glide into. Pre-orders for her cookbook Cooking With Ms.Quad – Live, Love, Laugh, and Eat are available on Amazon, and you can catch her every weekday on Sister Circle on the TV Channel (check local listings). Follow Quad on all social media @AbsolutelyQuad.  

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