There is nothing like a sisterhood circle. In your circle, you learn the value of loyalty, trust, and selflessness. Our sisters are our keepers and we go to them when we are in need of love, support, and a good ol’ shoulder to cry on.

June 8th is Best Friend Day and what better way to show your appreciation than to give them a fun and relaxing spa day, of course.

We know that you want to give your homegirls a day to remember, so we put together an amazing list of ideas to get the party started.

Here is an itinerary of fun ideas to make your best friends feel loved and appreciated for all that they do to make you the person that you are.

Start The Night Off With Cocktails To Liven The Mood

Show off your barista skills and create a few cocktails for your girls they will never forget. Keep it cute and sweet to go perfectly with what you serve to eat. Here are a few drinks to get you started:

Rhubarb Basil Cocktail- This refreshing drink is sweet and tangy, pairing perfectly with your list of snacks.

Recipe here

Spiked Pink Lemonade- This twist on a classic tart and tasty drink will definitely get the party started.

Recipe here

Cotton Candy Cocktail- Travel back in time with your besties and enjoy a treat from your past with a little more pizzazz.

Recipe here

Pull Up A Chair To Girl Talk While You Eat and Be Merry

A party with the girls wouldn’t be complete without the proper appetizers. You don’t want to have a meal that will weigh your attendees down, but you definitely want to serve them something tasty and unique. Here are a few ideas that are tasty and easy to make.

Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potato- These easy-to-make bits are sweet, savory, and delicious. We promise you, they will be a hit at the party.

Recipe here

Best Deviled Eggs- Not only are these eggs flavorful, they are also beautiful. We promise you, these babies will be the first to go.

Recipe here

Cilantro Tomato Bruschetta- These aromatic bites add a little kick to the palate and pair perfectly with the Cotton Candy Cocktail.

Recipe here

Crispy Sriracha Spring Rolls- Turn up the heat with these spicy rolls that are filled to perfection with taste and satisfaction.

Recipe here

Marinated Olive & Cheese Ring- This combination of cheese and olives are a classy way to serve cheese with your wine. Tempt the taste buds of your guests and have them asking for more.

Recipe here

Let The Gift Giving Begin

A great way to show appreciation to your friends on #BestFriendDay is with a very useful gift. Here are a few ideas that all of your girls will cherish and use everyday:

We are loving The Clipa bangle that doubles as a practical purse hanger. The Clipa’s unique design works where many other hooks don’t, including the restroom stall doors, sinks, cubicles, rails, carts and yes, even your car’s headrest to keep your bag off the floor and away from germs, water and dirt.  Check it out here.

Make your besties live a little lighter with portable makeup on the go. No need for a bulky makeup bag when you can carry a disposable compact kit the size of a post-it note in your bag that allows you to give yourself a beat face anywhere, including the office. Check it out here.

Help your girls relax and get comfortable with personalized robes made of 100% Turkish cotton. has an amazing collection of robes that come in a variety of styles and colors which can be personalized for any occasion. Warning: If you let them wear it in your home, they may never want to leave. Check it out here

Treat Your Besties To Home Spa Day

Show love for yourself and your sisters with an at-home spa moment. The TonyMoly’s 19-Pc. Holiday Mask Set, Created for Macy’s, is not only easy, but it’s also perfect for a day of luxury. It even includes sheets that brighten and illuminate the skin! Check it out here

Finish With A Sleep-Over Filled With Netflix and Thrills

After all that fun, now its time to wind down with a great movie, and Netflix offers a few action-packed girl power movies that will make you laugh, cry, and maybe even grasping your pearls.

Black Earth Rising (Movie)- Kate Ashby was raised in Britain by her adoptive mother, Eve, but was born in Rwanda and was rescued as a young child from the genocide. Following in the footsteps of her mother, a respected British prosecutor in international criminal law, Kate works as a legal investigator for Michael Ennis. When Eve takes on a case prosecuting an African militia leader in the International Criminal Court, Michael and Kate are drawn in and their lives are turned upside-down.

Nappily Ever After (TV Series)- A soulful barber helps a woman piece her life back together after an accident at her hair salon makes her realize she is not living life to the fullest.

Russian Doll (TV Series)- A woman gets caught in a mysterious loop, repeatedly attending the same party and dying at the end of the night, only to awake the next day unharmed.

How will you be celebrating #BestFriendsDay? Share with us your ideas.

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